Days like today.

Ever have one of those days,

you know, that kind of DAY!!

you wake up and you are not quite sure how the day will be but you know there is something peculiar about the day.

WELL I can truthfully say I am NOT loving this Friday. 4/27/12

Welcome to my day!

I was in and out of sleep all night into the early Friday morning.

I did not have an appetite but I forced some cereal in me.

I had a growing pain in me, only to hear that my sister is in the hospital 😦

My sister eventually convinced me she was doing great and that it had all been a false alarm, in an effort to turn my day around I let myself get talked into going out to eat.Arriving at AppleBees a spider crawled and I freaked out, no words just quickly got up at the sight of that huge spider…..yay the spider was killed at the hand of the MENU 🙂 …..the waiter finally arrives as I asked if I can move to another table….he allows it, and starts looking for the spider picking up the table seeing that there was so much food under it(from the previous customer because we just arrived)…he eventually takes the menu after I let him know the spider was under there….then he brings another party to sit there with all the food under the table…..(as he took a deep breath and acted like this is not my job)….I have been to this facility twice before and I have always had good service so I decided no big deal, even though I was still uneasy from the spider that was……… I order a drink to calm me down and another only to find a long black hair in my drink, I showed it to the waiter immediately, so he takes the drink back and brings me another, but at this time I was too scared to drink from it, I told him I did not want the drink long story short, after eating (yes I tipped) I went to walmart and in the Parking lot, all my food came out from where it went in. wow I dont have a weak stomach nor do I throw up easilly but I guess today was just one of those days.

Good night all.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.




Right from time I have always dreamt big and lived in my very fasinating imagination while still having to deal with Life’s very realistic situations, and trust me my life is no fairy-tale or maybe it is, maybe its in that long drawn out part where you hope your favorite character gets favored in the end. Then again my parents did allow the name Cinderella to slip onto my birth certificate which later became Cindy thank God! Then again Precious is on there too, I guess I am just one fairy-tale after another, Maybe My prince charming might actually be a frog(gross)…

My life as a fairy-tale oh NO Just My life.

Today I listened to a presentation online by a man named Ron Gutman. Titled the hidden power of Smiling. Though I found this presentation to be amusing, I also must say he had some valid points, he talked about how smiling was proven to make one live longer, and I thought to myself well looks like I might die tomorrow because my mouth is shaped in a way that if I am not showing teeth I look like I am angry 😦  the more I listened the more I appreciated his presentation, because he went further saying that when you smile you appear to be more courteous and likable…

I will attach a link of his short speech so if anyone wants to read it they are welcome to it, remember to smile it might add a couple years to your life 🙂 and always dream big.

My First Blog Ever-Intro

Today Was a good day, I went to school and got to hear different presentations, but there was one that stood out the most it was by a man named M. he spoke in my Marketing class, and talked about blogs being a positive way of practicing to write better. I have told you why I decided to open my blog, now let me tell you who I am, I am a daughter who has grown into a woman and is still growing everyday but to you I am Cindy or Precious 🙂 PreciouslymeCindy works as well. I am a woman finding herself and finding the world too. I have been through so Much in the 26years that I have been alive and its made me who I am today…… there is so much To tell but why write a book on my first blog……My blogs are going to be about life and that consists of everything, movies, food, poetry, love etc happy reading…..,