waking up to a message that nearly destroyed my very being

could it be

listening but not wanting to hear

hoping without really believing

tears run down in disbelief

could it be

no way, not today

not you….

not now….

the phone rings

could it be

scared of the words that might be said, stalling for time…

I want to remember what it felt like before hearing those words

could it be


maybe if I close my eyes, I might just wake up


Close my eyes

but Damn!

I am still here the last call still remains the same

and could it be

yes the words were said

now I cant shake it

I cant seem to scream loud enough

Mad no Irrate No just ….

that feeling is this feeling, I cant shake it….My nerves, oh my nerves

the reality still is that

yes it could be!!!!


Yes it is


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