My Big Chop

Remember that song by India Arie~I am not my hair.

Well I have always loved that song, but as a person who does hair, and for me I  do my own hair, my motto was more like:  “Hair is an extension of you, so what does yours say about you?”

I have done almost every style while secretly being envious of those women who cut their hair, thinking it must be nice to have pretty natural hair.

with every hair style I do, I look a little different, whether it’s the long full hair….did I mention I love full hair, it does something to your personality and confidence.

or my shoulder length dos, bangs(fringes), curls, some color no color, twists or braids…I have done it all and they all give me a new look.

SEE I am a work in progress, who is always willing to try new hair styles, I used to say if I lose 60 LBS I will cut my hair 🙂 well here I am the biggest I have ever been and I cut it all off yes THE BIG CHOP,

well now that my hair is cut I find myself trying to find ways to keep my feminine sexy lol I watch a lot of YouTube videos and all I have learned is big ear rings, eyeshadow and lashes 🙂

what I can say to those who want to cut their hair, make sure you are ready because though empowering for some, it can also leave you feeling naked because people will stair or at least it will feel like they are. You will no longer have hair to hide behind, so that beautiful face God blessed you with will be there for the world to see.