Oh I have only been a size 14 for 5months now and I am the biggest I have ever been

Beautiful Jeans hanging on that size 4 stick model, you look so amazing

with your no curves, but the way you twist your waist makes the already flattering jeans look better

I must try you on i see a size 12 and every thing under that, plenty of 6’s but no 14 in the jeans I want.

off to the big girls section oh how nice I see a 16 but no size 14

time to go home jean-less

In my perfect size 14….thinking should I gain to fit the 16 or loose to wear the 12….My perfect 14.




me in my sis 14 Jeans 🙂


My First Blog Ever-Intro

Today Was a good day, I went to school and got to hear different presentations, but there was one that stood out the most it was by a man named M. he spoke in my Marketing class, and talked about blogs being a positive way of practicing to write better. I have told you why I decided to open my blog, now let me tell you who I am, I am a daughter who has grown into a woman and is still growing everyday but to you I am Cindy or Precious 🙂 PreciouslymeCindy works as well. I am a woman finding herself and finding the world too. I have been through so Much in the 26years that I have been alive and its made me who I am today…… there is so much To tell but why write a book on my first blog……My blogs are going to be about life and that consists of everything, movies, food, poetry, love etc happy reading…..,