Letter to my unborn child.

With love you were made my little heartbeat.

I woke up feeling like wow, I have lost weight, and then I kept getting sicker, so I was told to go see a doctor. wow 7weeks pregnant, my little heartbeat at first, fear was what I felt then worry then Joy.

How God blessed me, on december 27th I got to see you on an ultra sound…brought tears to my eyes, from that moment I stopped calling you my little alien and you became my little Heartbeat, what can be closer to a person than their heartbeat.

I looked at you, as perfect as you looked and immediatly started wondering what you will be, everyone is guessing boy, even my mom, your future grandma. the taco guy that makes my taco swears you are a girl, my sister is hoping you will be a girl though she thinks you could be a boy as boys run in the family.

February 15th I did not feel you kick all day and couldnt find my smile, I was so worried that immediatly your daddy got home we went to the ER and you started jumping, guess you were trying to tell me you were fine, but I had to make sure and your daddy got to hear what I have heard twice before, your heartbeat and it made him so happy you should have seen the look on his face. later they did an ultra sound but did not let him in and he was so sad. I left the ER with the flu 😦 but knowing you were fine 🙂

February 22nd the day your dad got to see you for the first time, he was so proud of you. you had your hands in front of your face he still tells everyone how smart you are that you were protecting your face, I couldnt tell him most babies do that cause he was so proud.

Time to find out what you are so we had to kick your daddy out. He wants to be surprised when you come out, but I want to know what my little heartbeat is. we both want a healthy baby and could care less what you are.

you kept hiding behind my belly button shy baby you, but I got to see you.

You kick and punch me daily and I am not complaining cause thats how I know that you are fine but just one request can you keep it above the waist.

I thank God for you everyday, you are my little heartbeat, My very Joy, I pray for you over ten times a day, and at night I even wake up to pray for you. There is so much love out here for you, but we will patiently wait on you, your father is so excited to meet you, he talks to you through my belly every night and morning, your only auntie Eseosa from your maternal side is so excited to meet you that she is going to come here from the UK to take care of you for two weeks when you come. your god mommy Ify is so excited she is already buying you things and throwing a baby shower for you, your god daddy Jyoti Rahman was so excited when we asked him to be your godfather that he looked like he was going to tear up, long story short he is excited to meet you, you have so many aunts and uncles on your daddy’s side and two brothers of mine that are all very excited to meet you, and two grandmas that are more than excited to meet you, both keep trying to name you and you have a paternal Grandpa.

I never had a grandfather so its important to me that you meet yours. sorry you wont get to meet my daddy he was a a sweet loving man, who would have treated you as you deserve to be treated with much love.

Mommy loves you. talk to you more soon

Normandy-20130307-0048623weeks with my little heartbeat